Bowflex SelectTech 552 Review

Bowflex have been among the business leaders in regards to manufacturing top quality home gym gear.

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 flexible dumbbells are an excellent little bit of kit.

These weights really are unbelievably easy to use. Each dumbbell in the set joins 15 differing weights, from 5 pounds up to 52.2 pounds, and fixes in practical 2.5 pound increments.

Furthermore, Bowflex chuck in a free workout DVD and free guarantee with package!

The downside is there is no stand, and the weights probably aren’t suited to those wanting to lift heavy weights.

The BowFlex SelectTech 552 is available from $299 on Amazon.

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Static Contraction

Static Contraction is where you hold a weight in a specific position for a few seconds. The idea behind the exercise is that the muscle is forced to work when fully contracted and holding as much weight as possible.

Essentially static contraction means less movement, more weight. Some will even remove movement altogether and hold weight in specific positions.

Static Contraction exercises work well with isolation and machine exercises.

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Leg Press

A leg press is an exercise through which one pushses a weight away from themselves with their legs. A leg press is also a piece of equipment used to perform the exercise.

The leg press exercise is a brilliant way to gain muscle mass and is useful as it allows you to lift more weight than other exercises.

Static Contraction can be used to create a fantastic leg press exercise which can really help build muscle fast.

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Gain weight & build muscle

For lots of people all over the world, gaining weight is tough. Some people just can’t seem to put on the pounds. Many people have a genetic makeup that means they are naturally skinny and burn calories faster than most. To increase their body mass they must consume more calories, cancelling out the weight lost naturally. Weight training can greatly help people in this situation; helping the body to use extra nutrients from food by increasing muscle mass and raising specific hormones levels. Continue reading…

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